About Us

About Us

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise, passionately striving to enhance the livelihood of vulnerable people around the world, especially those who are living under difficult circumstances. This ranges from issues such as lack of resources, poverty, illegal occupation, restrictions, conflict zones and more.

Our Ethos

Our mission is to provide regular, sustainable and continuous support

Our vision is to tackle injustice by empowering people through dignified and fair trade

Our values are transparency, fairness and community spirit

We are a group of friends sharing a common set of beliefs, coming together as a community to serve others.  We work hard to strengthen the connections with every person who has chosen to join this journey with us. From the farmers, distributors, activists, promoters, and off course our customers.  We cannot do this without your support!

When you purchase a product from “Let’s Traid” you are not only helping us on our mission, vision and values, but you are also giving a sense of hope, relief and love to people under extreme difficulties.

What makes us different?

We offer a unique volunteer run 'Free' collection points in various locations around the UK. Customers order through our website and select to pick up of certain products (usually 5kg medjoul date boxes) from any of the available locations where we currently have a registered volunteer.