Dates for Charity

A pregnant Syrian woman invited us to join her for our first iftar during Ramadan in Camp Drama, Greece. She was delighted to be offered dates to break her fast with - something she had not seen for many years while she lived and escaped from the terrible war in Syria.


For several years, we have successfully managed to deliver thousands of boxes of 5kg dates to many thousand refugees trapped in French and Greek Refugee camps, as brutal wars continue to ravage their countries.

One of the last batches was sent to a camp on the borders of France and this was the feedback received:

On our last trip in December we took a whole pallet and they were given out to Dunkirk Refugee Camp in France with their meal of chicken Biryani that we had prepared. Everyone loved the dates and there was not enough to go round…..” Tayyaba, Volunteer
We still have about 250 boxes of dates and we have decided to send these final outstanding dates to people who are cold, neglected and forgotten. As you can see from the above message, a little love sent to people who continue to suffer can sometimes go a long way to create a little happiness and joy while they wait for a glimmer of light at the end of their long and seemingly never-ending tunnels…With this in mind, please help us to raise the funds needed to send these last boxes out there as we prepare for Ramadan…..

In addition, "Team Kitrinos" regularly carry boxes of dates as part of their supplies:


Dates as Medicines

If you would like to order for a brother or sister and his family what you want for yourself....

Please sponsor a box to donate using the following link:



An insulin dependant diabetic woman, from war-torn Syria, relies on a regular supply of dates to prevent her from having life threatening hypoglycaemic attacks...

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