What are free “collection points” ?

The success of "Lets Traid" has largely been due to a dedicated team of volunteers. Their sincere commitment and effort, has enabled the distribution of hundreds of boxes of the "right date" across London and the UK.

Our volunteer network team has grown through their love of the products, and their commitment to ‘tackle injustice through trade and promoting fairness to all.’  

Who are the collection point volunteers?

We rely good-hearted individuals who started by just being content customers, just like you. Their support is particularly valuable during the busy month of Ramadan. They demonstrate the same hospitality that Palestinians in particular are well known for by opening the doors of their own homes to store and distribute the 5kg boxes of dates and olive oil from.

How are collection points stocked?

When orders are placed - these are allocated to the locations chosen by the customer. When as sufficient quantity to fill a pallet has been received- we process the delivery for the location. By avoiding the cost of postage, packing or couriers- we are able to pass savings to you the customer and maintain our competitive pricing.

Would you like to consider volunteering?

Our aim is not just to help sell a box of dates but also to pass the important message of ongoing injustice in countries like Palestine...and how together we can make a difference. Lets aid by trade (Lets Traid).

We would love to expand our network of collection points and invite you to join us - complete a no-obligation registration form here.